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Canyonlands National Park (15)

Canyonlands N.P. and Arches National Park - Moab, Utah
If you want to see some spectacular sites, the Canyonlands and the Arches Nation Park in Utah are the places to be. It is the largest national park and the world’s largest concentration of sandstone arches in Utah that your imagination couldn’t take you to the views you would see there. You can see the Canyonlands if you go to the Island in the Sky. They have day or overnight trips for you to choose if you wanted to go hiking or drive around in a four wheel drive.

You would think that the Island in the Sky is just that, an Island in the Sky when you are looking out you can see for miles and miles all the Canyon Country. It would be like looking at it in panoramic view. It’s recommended that you do take a hike even a short one and then spend the late afternoon watching the sunset. Bring your cameras for this sight, you won’t want to miss it and you’ll want to treasure it forever.

When you are looking at the La Sal Mountains from the Island in the Sky, you will think that the mountains are floating on a layer of clouds, it’s so unreal. You can drive or hike and spend as much time as you’d like exploring. You can take the car down the Shafer Trail to the White Rim to see Musselman Arch, or you can go further down to the Colorado River via Lathrop Canyon but if you are going to hike you’ll get to see trails from the Mesa top all the way to the White Rim. You might want to spend the night there but you’ll need to call in advance for a reservation.

You are going to see the breathtaking effects caused by millions of years of erosion of sedimentary rock. It’s something that you’ve never seen before. You can take a short hike and see the Mesa Arch. It’s a natural frame for the La Sal Mountains and Washer Woman Arch. It is something not to miss. If you walk out to the Grand View Points and you will be looking at structures of sandstone in Monument Basin which is two thousand feet below.

You can go mountain biking in at the Island in the Sky on the White Rim Trail, it can be a bit rough as the roads are built for cars but you are still able to bike ride. You can also go canoeing and kayaking in the heart of the Canyonlands because as the Colorado and Green rivers meet, it causes a speed and power of white water so this should be lots of fun to try.

Arches National Park is something you don’t want to miss either. You can see the Delicate Arch which is depicted on many Utah license plates. If you were to go five miles north of Maob, you’d be in Arches National Park where you would see over two thousand arches all over the park plus other geological formations. The children will love seeing the arches too. You can drive along the trails and make stops and get out of the car. If you wanted to hike, you can hike twenty minutes and see an arch in the park. If you wanted to go hiking on several of the trails in the park, you won’t be able to stay in the park but there are hotels and motels that you can stay at during your visit.

If you want you can go on a guided walk with a ranger. The walk is easy and only one hour in different locations each day. There are guided tours in the evening as well. With its million guests every year the major view to see is the Delicate Arch. People are always there and near the arch.

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