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Redwood Forest (20)

For an unforgettable breathtaking view of majesty and splendor plan your next vacation adventure to the Redwood Forest National Park in California.

The nothern coast of California displays it's majesty in the Redwood Forest National Park which was established in 1968. Combined with three other parks it provides an impressive 133,000 acres of beauty protecting 45% of California's redwood.

Located in Hulmboldt county, Redwood Forrest National Park, is in the far north coast of California on 1440 US Highway 199. The Park has mild weather with fog near coastlines and sunny weather inland. If you plan a trip during winter then prepare for a cool and rainy climate.

You will find an array of things to do that can satisfy any nature seeker from camping, walking, biking, horse back riding to a scenic drive. Take a look at the possibilities to wet your appetite for adventure and breathtaking beauty.

Choose from four developed campgrounds or one overnight area. You may also choose some primitive camping which is located within the park. Trek through a remote trail to the area where tallest tree is located. It is six feet taller than the Statue of Liberty!

Loose yourself in the mysterious look of the Redwood Forest on a foggy morning by taking to the trail. Walk your way through 56 miles of weaving trails and take in the sights and sounds, while embracing the beauty around you. You have a choice of taking to the trail for a day or for the more serious a planned backpack trip

Prepare yourself for a biking adventure through the designated biking areas with a little more speed than walking and still take in the feel of your surroundings. Enjoy the beauty and sounds of the Redwood Forest with the occasional courtesy of walking your bicycle past the view of horses.

Drive the breathtaking view on the avenue of the redwood trees surrounding you on both sides of the road. They seem almost to enclose you only to solute you with an upright and tall stand.

Enjoy the varied wildlife that the cool and shady climate provides for red-legged frog, pacific giant salamander, pacific tree frog California slender salamander and the northern rough-skinned newt.

Bird watchers get ready to capture a view of chestnut-backed chickadee, steller's jay, northern spotted owl, winter wren and the varied thrush.

Catch a glimpse of the elk, brown bat, black bear, grey fox, chickaree and bobcat as you go horseback riding down the trail.

The Redwood National Park in California is a traveler’s getaway into a majestic world of giants that provide you with a variety of adventures and breathtaking memories.

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